Florida State University : Research in Review

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Cover Story

willing mind The Willing Mind
by Robert Pool
Is there such a thing as genuine free will? Can we ever find out? This philosopher says where there’s a will, there’s a way.

Other Features

Robert Olen Butler At Home with Robert Olen Butler
by Elizabeth Bettendorf
A respected American writer shares the secret behind his stories, his stuff and writing from the soul.

Falling in Numbers Falling In Numbers
by Frank Stephenson
When it comes to preventing falls among the most fragile among us, the science is in.



Periscope on campus life and research Periscope on campus life and research
A scientist president; ignored vaccines; mechanics of sex and tweaking technology for seniors.

Special Report

Recent works by FSU faculty Special Report
Florida State’s successful lecture series of March 2009, Origins ’09, gets a reprise, beginning April 1. Highlights of Origins ’10 include famed anthropologist Richard Leakey, cosmologist Brian Greene and the grand dame of ocean exploration (and FSU alum), Sylvia Earle.


Spotlight on Florida State faculty Angel Art
Of angels and art: Louis Comfort Tiffany’s rescued windows shine at the FSU Museum of Fine Arts

FOR A TASTE OF the exquisitely colorful keyboard phrasings of Heidi Louise Williams

Spotlight on Florida State faculty See our featured video segment and enjoy our newest member of Florida State's piano faculty in the College of Music.
Williams joined FSU's music faculty in 2007, coming from Southern Illinois University-Carbondale's School of Music where she taught since 1999. A native of Oregon, Williams has led a distinguished, award-filled career in solo and chamber music performances across the U.S. and in Europe.