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A Novel Approach

A NOVEL APPROACH to elevating FSU's academic profile appeared this March in the form of the latest book by famed naturalist and social critic E.O. Wilson . W.W Norton released Wilson's 379-page Anthill, the two-time Pulitzer Prize-winner's first novel. The story follows the career of Raphael Semmes Cody, who, like Wilson, was born in Mobile, Ala. and caught the bug for biology as a child. Cody goes on to earn a degree in biological science at Florida State under the wing of a naturalist, who Wilson conceded to Research in Review, is an amalgam of two of his favorite Tallahassee biologists, Bruce Means and Walter Tschinkel. Cody then goes to Harvard for a law degree and returns to his hometown to try to save a rare, remaining tract of untouched longleaf pine savannah from development. Wilson has agreed to return to campus in November to anchor a symposium on southern nature writing now being planned by the university's Office of Research.—F.S.

Book cover Anthill a Novel