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A Community Celebrates Science & Discovery
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Biologist E.O. Wilson, two-time Pulitzer Prize winner also known as "the father of sociobiology," is among the headliners coming in March to be part of Florida State University's tribute to the Year of Science 2009, a national grassroots effort to promote public appreciation of science and higher education.

Joining Wilson will be a stellar line-up of scholars from fields ranging from physics to jazz studies, all bringing engaging talks and demonstrations designed for general audiences. FSU's two-week-long program, "Origins '09: A Celebration of the Birth and Life of Beginnings," begins March 17.

Acclaimed Harvard cosmologist Lisa Randall and Ira Flatow, host of National Public Radio's popular weekly talk show, "Science Friday," will be on campus March 20. The roster also includes Don Johanson, co-discoverer of "Lucy," the world's most famous fossil and, Sean B. Carroll, a distinguished popular science writer and professor of molecular biology and genetics at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Inspired by a worldwide celebration of the legacy of Charles Darwin, whose 200th birthday was Feb. 12, the Year of Science 2009 is America's broader tribute to science and scholarship across disciplines. To that end, "Origins '09" will include a number of leading scholars in the humanities, namely Peter Harrison, Oxford professor of science and religion; Ron Numbers, professor of the history of science and medicine also from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and Gary Mormino, a prolific writer of Florida history from the University of South Florida.

Capping the community-wide celebration will be a tribute to America's only homegrown musical art form on March 28. Florida State's Scotty Barnhart, assistant professor of jazz trumpet and author, will direct "The Origin and Evolution of Jazz," a rousing tour through jazz lore featuring performances by some of the best musicians and vocalists at FSU, Florida A&M University and the Tallahassee community.

On Saturday, March 21, a daylong "Science & Arts Fair" will offer a smorgasbord of free events for all ages. The fair will be staged in and around the Challenger Learning Center downtown Tallahassee.

"Origins '09" is being sponsored by the FSU Office of Research and the College of Medicine and co-sponsored by The Tallahassee Scientific Society, with major funding provided by The Florida Humanities Council, the FSU Research Foundation, the FSU College of Medicine, and the FSU Council for Research and Creativity. Most events are free and all are open to the public.

For the latest updates on "Origins '09" check the schedule at www.origins.fsu.edu .